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Once There Was

MusicPosted by Jessica Fri, April 12, 2013 07:34:43
Feeling totally optimistic. At the moment there are five mixed + mastered Once There Was tracks for the next release 'The Blue Box' and it's just so lovely that things are finally starting to happen.

I'm so extremely grateful that there are people helping me with this, it means so much to me. It would definitely be wonderful if 'The Blue Box' would see the light of day 2013, and suddenly I'm starting to believe it might actually happen. 'Where Angels Grow' was released in 2007, so it's been a while since anything happened with my own music.

The music for this release is different to previous releases, calmer and more orchestral. It used to be my niece's favourite album (yeah, I sent my brother some unmixed tracks for him to listen) to fall asleep to when she was a bit younger and I've heard the same phenomenon has been going on for a couple of other children too. That's a good grade, then there should be some sort of nice atmosphere in those tracks, I'm thinking :D

Beto, who I work with in Beto Vazquez Infinity, will appear on 'The Blue Box' with guitars for one track. So, this nice pic of Beto and Tarja could finish this blog entry off. :)